CODE 2022

various artists, 2022

Participants: Deniz Kurt (NL), Arina Kapitanova (DE), Greeshma Chauhan (NL), Michael Zerba (NL), Ines Borovac (NL), Ginevra Petrozzi (NL), Funda Zeynep Ayguler (DE), Katia Sophia Ditzler (DE), Guillaume Slizewicz (BE), Elena Falomo (DE), Flora Miranda (NL), Vo Ezn (NL), Apolline Rolland (BE), Michaela Stubbers (BE), Fanny Zaman (BE), Laure Massiet du Biest (BE), Bart Vandeput (BE), Roel Heremans (BE), Anya Shchetvina (DE), Omar Adel (DE), Swaeny Nina Kersaan (NL), Pauline Vantilt (NL), Shruthi Venkat (NL), and Anastasiia Belousova (DE)

Production: IMPAKT (NL), School of Machines, Making & Make Believe (DE), Werktank (BE) and Privacy Salon/Privacytopia (BE)

With the support of Fonds Soziokultur, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Nederlandse Ambassade in België (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) and Goethe Institut

2022 - Kepler's Gardens, Linz (Austria)
2022 - IMPAKT, Transmediale, Privacy Salon & Werktank, Utrecht, Berlin, Brussels & Leuven (Belgium)
2023 - Halles de Schaerbeek, Area 42, M-Village, Brussels (Belgium)

How to influence politics to fight for our digital rights? How do we make sure politicians and policymakers are aware of what is at stake in the technology space? How can we regulate big tech companies, curb their power, and protect our digital rights? What role should governments play, and how can we make them understand the urgency to act? What can we as concerned citizens, researchers, and artists do to support this process?

CODE seeks to bring together artists, non-artists, politicians, policy makers and researchers from Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands to engage in dialogue, critical discussion, and artistic intervention. The aim is to influence public policy on a national and international level, by creating awareness for issues at hand, and by defining ways in which we can improve laws and legislation that will protect us as digital citizens and consumers. We want to inspire and facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborations, which hopefully have the potential to catalyse system change.

Each edition starts with a call for applicants. Selected participants will have the opportunity to work closely together in a co-creation process of three months consisting of a series of digital events: two workshops, a public symposium, a hackathon, various presentations at inspiring festivals, and an online exhibition. The events are spread over several months: from late March/early April till June, with presentations of the project’s outcome expected in September.
During this period, together they develop interventions and awareness campaigns to expose the power of tech companies and to activate politicians, policymakers and citizens to take action.


- Privacy in Riots
- DSMA UnLtd.
- Surveillance and Predictability
- Logging into identity
- AI Proxy